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„Products are never interesting just by being perfect examples of a smooth and complete correspondence between content and shape; they are interesting as aesthetic occasions which show the manufacturing method; these works further aesthetic learning simply by the fact that its effectiveness is dependent from the comprehensible discontinuity between concept and realisation; such imperfect, incomplete and fragmentary works are ruins; the aesthetic theory of ruins and of being ruinous to something also includes a social and political theory: a criticism on totalitarianism.“ Hans Ulrich Reck; Organic and geometric products are united in a spatial still life. The products interweave with each other through their material, colour and shapes. Some of those shapes have a strict and precise definition and others are intentionally hannato their manufacturing process: A collection of new products from Hanna Krüger and Jakob Gebert.; 17 to 22 april 2012; ventura lambrate; via massimiano 6 series; 20134 milano, italy
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